Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Day 275: Character play...

Today I have been working with some Year Seven pupils at Ralph Allen School in Bath. We've been thinking up characters and using them to come up with an idea for creative writing peices. I was so impressed with all of the wacky characters created in only a few minutes. We had zombies, ghost hunters, deep sea divers and everything in between. So much fun! We managed to think up loads of different ways we could put these characters into a story from the things we knew about them.

It's amazing what ideas you can conjure once you've got a character on the go. Stuff just comes out of what you already know. Once you've got two characters on the go, well, you're away!

Why not have a go yourself? Here are the questions we asked to create a character. More questions will come from these and then your story will write itself...enjoy!

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